MAXONE s.r.o. is a young and flexible company active in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering.
The company's core business is the sale and maintenance of Danfoss Drives VACON® frequency inverters, the sale, service and installation of electric vehicle charging stations, the rental of diesel generators and power generators, and the manufacture, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment. Our team consists of experienced electrical engineers with a desire to reflect on client needs and requirements.

Diesel generators rental

If you can't come to the electricity, the electricity will come to you. We offer our customers the rental of diesel generators for festivals and other outdoor events, planned or emergency power outages.


Electricity, as the cleanest known form of energy, has also found its place in the automotive segment for obvious reasons. Electric vehicles are becoming a natural part of our roads.

PV plant maintenance

More than 500MW of photovoltaic power plants are installed around Slovakia. Our company covers the service of photovoltaic inverters for most of these.

Electric drives

Electric drives are an integral part of modern society, whether in industry or the municipal sector. The principle of operation is the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy.

High voltage

We provide work and material for transformer stations and HV substations up to 22kV, including measurements, kenetron testing and expert inspections and tests.

Technical examinations and tests of LV and HV

We provide our clients with specialized inspections and tests on HV and LV electrical equipment, be it the first (initial), regular (periodic) or emergency testings.


Tool Rental

In our tool rental, you will find a wide range of the highest quality equipment for home, garden or small construction work.

„Electrical science has revealed to us the true nature of light, has provided us with innumerable appliances and instruments of precision, and has thereby vastly added to the exactness of our knowledge.“

Thomas Alva Edison

„Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience.“

Benjamin Franklin

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Elon Musk

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Alexander Graham Bell

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Benjamin Franklin

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Igor Papír

„Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure.“

Thomas Alva Edison

„Väčšinu ľudí nebrzdí to, akí sú, ale to, akí si myslia, že nie sú.“

James Clerk Maxwell

„I could either watch it happen or be a part of it.“

Richard Feynman

„Ja som hríb v živote nezedol!“


MAXONE s.r.o. is an official Danfoss Drives VACON® Service Partner and Distributor in Slovakia. Our team has been working with VACON frequency inverters since 2008 and we have direct experience with most drive and photovoltaic applications used in Slovakia based on VACON® hardware

Our team has been working with VACON® frequency inverters since 2008 having direct experience with most of the drive and photovoltaic applications in Slovakia based on VACON® hardware.

We provide:

  • Supply of VACON® frequency inverters
  • Turnkey delivery
  • Expert advice on dimensioning the frequency converter
  • Warranty and post-warranty service